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Craig Carson’s Life And Passions

Our piece yesterday regarding the untimely passing of Craig Carson of Crunch-Pak brought this kind letter from one who knew Craig and who attended his memorial service:

In Memory of Craig Carson

I have had the pleasure of working with, and getting to know, Craig Carson since I started at the Pear Bureau in 1989.

Last night I attended his memorial service in the gymnasium of the Cascade High School in Leavenworth, Washington.

The attendees in the nearly-packed bleachers of the gym included Craig’s wife, family, along with members of his church, industry and community, all of whom I dare say would also be classified as friends. Craig touched a lot of people in his shortened life, and while I knew a part of him through his years of service on my boards, and as a mentor and friend, I learned a bit more about Craig’s life and passions listening to the brave and eloquent speakers at his service. I knew that Craig was a dedicated family man as well as a dedicated orchardist, entrepreneur, and committed industry leader who liked his occasional glass of red wine.

But the speakers also talked of Craig’s community involvement, and some of his passions including fishing, farming, gardening and more fishing. In fact, at the reception after the service there were tomato starts on the tables for people to take home and plant as a reminder of Craig’s love of nurturing his garden each spring, including his prized tomatoes.

There were also packages of Crunch Pak sliced apples for people to enjoy as Craig has been a visionary and leader in developing the sliced apple business, and Crunch Pak is just one of his legacies. Craig also liked to create bridges and bring people together. I was a first hand recipient of Craig’s mentoring, leadership and roll as a teacher…and a friend. Craig will certainly be missed by many but he will not ever be forgotten by those whose lives he touched. Rest in Peace Craig.

— Kevin D. Moffitt
President & CEO
Pear Bureau Northwest
Milwaukie, Oregon

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