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Costco’s 2nd Quarter Slideshow Available

Costco has posted a slideshow highlighting its 2nd Quarter Results for Fiscal Year 2007.

All the financial details and some great pictures — look at the crowds in the warehouse at Watford in the United Kingdom.

A few food numbers:

  • FY’06 Seafood Sales $485M
  • $150M sold annually consisting of 30M Chickens in the Costco rotisserie Chicken program.
  • 69M+ Hotdog & Soda combinations in FY’06 sold at the snack bar — and every hot dog is kosher!

And they’ve got a new plan to get you over to Costco, they are rolling out car washes:

Costco Car Wash #01 Seattle. Opened April 27, 2006

Watch the slideshow right here.

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