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Closure For Nunes

Well at least one of these situations is over and done with. The Nunes Company issued a press release:

FDA Tests Show Foxy® Lettuce Safe
Released: 3:00 p.m.

The Nunes Company President Tom Nunes, Jr. announced that FDA sampling of water, and California Department of Health Services extensive green leaf lettuce testing found no pathogenic E. coli, confirming earlier results from two other independent laboratories.

“Repeated tests, by multiple independent laboratories, and the government, have shown that there is no pathogenic E. coli either in the water or on our product. From the beginning, we have had as our only goal — to protect the consumer. We are confident we accomplished this goal.

We have been commended by the FDA for our prompt action, and the precautionary recall shows that self-regulation in the produce industry works.”

“We would like to thank our employees, retailers and wholesalers for their dedication and hard work during the recall. We also thank the many consumers who called with their heartfelt wishes,” Nunes said.

Consumers with questions may contact the Company at 1-800-695-5012.

We dealt with the Nunes issue here and here. Hallelujah that there was no problem and, yes, praise belongs to Nunes for taking steps at a sensitive time. But we still don’t know if we should recall product, as a matter of policy, because the water supply tests positive for generic E. coli.

We can’t depend on every grower or shipper deciding to do the right thing.

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