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Busy Travel Week Ahead

The Pundit has some aggressive travel plans next week, so our schedule may be off a bit. We’ve been working for some time on an exciting research project in which we try to grasp a greater understanding of sustainability, green issues and corporate social responsibility by comparing and contrasting consumer attitudes toward these issues in the United States and the United Kingdom.

We are coming down to the wire as we are going to be presenting a workshop on the subject at PMA this year, entitled “What Do Consumers Really Think about Corporate Social Responsibility?”

The results are in! Don’t miss this grand unveiling of unique trans-Atlantic research designed to assess consumer attitudes in both the U.K. and U.S. on issues of corporate social responsibility and the relevance to the produce industry. Jim Prevor, Editor-in-Chief of PRODUCE BUSINESS, will explore terms such as organics, locally grown, food miles, carbon footprints, sustainability and fair trade, and present what these and similar concepts actually mean to consumers, and how consumers value such concepts. All attendees will receive a special executive summary of the research report.

Track: Global Trade
Rob Robson
Chief Executive Officer
One Harvest
Wacol, Queensland Australia


Jim Prevor
Founder & Editor-In-Chief
Boca Raton, Florida USA

Before we put this all together, we are running off to do a series of focus groups in Houston, Texas, and, from there, we will be spending a few days in the London doing more focus groups and checking out some of the retail operations.

From there we zoom back to New Jersey where Rutgers honored the Pundit with the opportunity to serve on the faculty for a series of seminars that result in a Certificate of Farmer Entrepreneurship. Our subject is Competitors & Competition.

Then home to Florida to get ready for Fresh Summit!

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