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We just arrived back in Pundit headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida, and were greeted with some nice news. The American Society of Business Publication Editors has awarded the Pundit its Gold Award for the Best Editorial/Editor’s Letter in the United States for his 2007 work in PRODUCE BUSINESS magazine.

We don’t like to crow about awards too much, partly because Momma Pundit taught us it wasn’t polite and mostly because we care more about accolades from people in our industry than editorial experts.

We did, however, think it interesting to note the two columns the editors recognized for excellence are very topical a year later. In February of 2007, we wrote a piece entitled, The Economics of Mandatory Regulation, which analyzed how government regulation can have unintended consequences on food safety. In September 2007, we ran a piece entitled, Wages And Social Responsibility, which assessed industry vulnerability as the social component of sustainability gains traction — while also pointing out that what many claim to be “socially responsible” behavior may actually do much harm.

What unites both of these pieces is the sense that what is obvious is not always correct. This strikes us a worthy point to consider in industry deliberations.

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