Chef Peter Sidwell
Making Nutritional And Taste Magic
Appear Where You Didn’t Expect It

The London Produce Show is only a few days away now and we’re especially excited to be joined by chef Peter Sidwell, who will be giving a live demonstration. Peter is an expert within the food industry specializng in strategy, branding, concept development, new product development, food based content creating for brands and clients. He also […]

Produce Industry 2.0
Fresh4cast’s Michele Dall'Olio
Argues For The Crucial Role Of Machine Learning
In Moving The Industry Forward

Automation is touching every industry; you can’t survive in the 21st century economy without the data and the insights that come from technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning. The food automation market, for example, is expected to reach $29.4 billion by 2027.  Within the food space is produce and agriculture, and these are sub-spaces […]