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Audacious US Cheese Wins In Paris!

We highlighted an intriguing new product — the first blue cheese made on the US West Coast — and had a laugh over the fact that the producer was named Rogue Creamery. These folks had the audacity to bring Oregon Blue Cheese to display at the SIAL exhibition in Paris, France.

Well they may be audacious, but they seem to have some pretty good cheese:

Rogue Creamery

Makes History in Paris

Central Point, OR (November 1, 2006) — Oregon’s Rogue Creamery is the first American cheese company to be awarded an Innovation in Excellence award at the prestigious SIAL trade show in Paris. The Creamery is also the first American artisan cheese company to be certified by the EU and the first Raw Milk Cheese to be imported into the EU.

“Our cheese was very well received because of its uniqueness and our innovative flavors,” says David Gremmels, co-owner of Rogue Creamery. “We were hoping for a good reception but the overwhelmingly positive response was tremendously affirming.”

Oregon Blue, Smokey Blue, Oregonzola and Rogue River Blue were singled out in the blues category. Several flavored cheddars were recognized, including Rosemary, Chipotle, Lavender, Cumin and Rogue Chocolate Stout.

SIAL, held October 22-26 in Paris, is the world’s premier industry food show, attracting more than 135,000 trade professionals worldwide.

“The French said we were courageous to show our products in France, and were then taken by surprise when tasting our uniquely original raw milk cheeses,” says Gremmels. “To be given the nod in this exclusive region historically known for the finest cheese is a tremendous honor.”

Rogue Creamery cheeses will soon be found in cheese shops and white linen restaurants from France, UK, Spain, Greece, Norway, Denmark, Ukraine and Italy this holiday season.

Rogue Creamery is dedicated to producing classic and original cheese in the finest tradition of artisanal cheesemakers — by hand with passion, using the highest quality ingredients. As we like to say, our cheese delights the palate and fills the soul.

We got a chuckle but bet they are not laughing in Paris now. Congratulations and bon fromage to the people of Rogue Creamery.

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