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At The London Produce Show And Conference We Will Visit
The 'Poet Laureate' Of The Produce Industry…
Alick Glass Admonishes The Junior Pundit Primo:
'Become A Shining Light Of Good, In A World That’s Sometimes Bad'

We’ve written a number of pieces about the extraordinary event soon to unfold in the United Kingdom called The London Produce Show And Conference

Here are just some of the articles:

Bruce Peterson, Founder Of Wal-Mart Produce Program, Will Urge Industry To Rage Against Mediocrity, Value Experience Over Education, And Merchandise To Wow The Consumer At The London Produce Show And Conference

Will Reducing Food Waste Be Sufficient Reason To Embrace GMO Produce? Cornell Professor Brad Rickard To Guide A Controversial Session At The London Produce Show And Conference

The Renaissance Of The Wholesale Sector — Why Those Who Support ‘Locally Grown’ Should Support Investment In Market Intermediaries. Cornell University Professor Miguel Gómez Reveals Research Findings At The London Produce Show And Conference

Branding And In-Store Marketing: Perfect Together… St. Joseph’s Superstar Professor John Stanton To Present At London Produce Show And Conference 

On The Cutting Edge: FreshDirect’s Tenley Allen To Showcase How Social Media, Partnerships And Social Programming Can Win Over The Millennials And More At The London Produce Show And Conference

Of course, we thrive on the intellectual stimulation, the opportunities for commerce and the chance to meet new people.

Yet, as our involvement with the UK has grown, as we prepare to board a plane to England, we increasingly look forward to seeing friends.

This was a big year for us, as Junior Pundit Primo, aka William, celebrated his Bar Mitzvah.

The whole family was honored as William was showered with gifts from all corners of the globe, but, as we head to the show, we will be looking for one particular Brit, who we hereby nominate as Poet Laureate of the Produce Industry.

He, along with his wife Ruth, sent William a very generous present and a poem to go along with it:

When I was a Bar Mitzvah
Just like you
How fondly I recall
My father then advising me
The most important thing of all

“Remember where you come from, son
Who and what you are
Take example set by parents
And you will go far”

Prevor is not just a name
It’s a badge to wear with pride
A privileged reputation
That’s honored far and wide

Live up to it.
Bring credit
To your doting mum and dad
Become a shining light of good
In a world that’s sometimes bad

        —Alick Glass

We’ve been lucky enough to previously be the focus of Alick’s pen, in a piece we titled, Pundit’s Mailbag — Nobel Prize Commentary and Poetry.

That was a treat, but to a father, to have someone write about his son, is just something special.

William has the verse taped to his study desk and to his closet, so each time he faces the morning and each time he sits down to study, he is reminded that he has an obligation, to “live up to it” and “bring credit” and in this world we live in, where so often it seems people have no sense of obligation at all, to be given such a reminder is a very special gift.

This father owes the poet a great deal.

The connections one makes at these events are serendipitous, but rewarding beyond belief. Come join us at The London Produce Show and Conference.

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