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Association President Needed In Southern California

Our industry institutions always require good leadership, so we would like to take a moment to draw everyone’s attention to one of our Pundit advertisers. See that red box flashing along the right side of this page? It is an advertisement for “Executive Employment Opportunity” and “Regional Trade Association Seeks President.” Here are some additional details:

Produce/Floral Trade Association

A Southern California regional trade association, representing the produce and floral industry, is seeking a president who will have responsibilities in leadership and management of the association. Key responsibilities include implementation of operational plan, working in partnership with the board on future direction, building relationships with members and external constituents, budgeting and financial management, administration of headquarters and management of staff, communications oversight including website and magazine, and promoting the interests of the industry to external audiences and related organizations.

Association or business management experience required with effective verbal and written communication and negotiation skills; CAE designation preferred or equivalent; volunteer management experience preferred; knowledge of industry helpful, but not required. Fluency in Spanish a plus. Ability to travel. Salary in low six figures; generous benefit package.

This is an important position to be filled, and it will put some lucky candidate in a place to make a real difference in the industry. And you get to live in sunny Southern California.

Tell you what, the Pundit throws in one free surfing lesson to anyone hired!

You can submit your resume here.

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