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As A Consequence Of Companies Working Around PMA’s New Dues Structure, Maybe PMA Will See A Boom In Foreign Membership

PMA’s membership renewal forms are in the mail. We had written a piece about PMA’s new dues structure titled, PMA Restructures Dues: New Plan Brings In More Revenue, Boosts Costs For Larger Firms, Breaks Longstanding Link Between Retail And Grower/Shipper Dues…Does PMA Need More Money?

We received a number of responses, mostly grumbling – who wants to pay more for anything? – and some from people who felt aggrieved because they wanted to protest by dropping membership, but couldn’t do so because it would raise the cost of their booths at Fresh Summit.

While we were out of the country, though, one company told us their plan. They were going to have their US subsidiary drop its membership. Since PMA had not increased the membership dues for non-US companies, the much larger foreign headquarters could join PMA, and its membership would include its US subsidiaries. By doing this, it would pay about a quarter of what it would pay if its US subsidiary was still a member.

Of course, it may just be a one-year sale. PMA has promised to unveil its new non-US dues structure for next year.

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