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Are the Police Afraid To Come Or
Does Carrefour Fear Calling Them?

Here is something that makes one fear for the future of the civilization. A group of Greenshirts recently invaded a Carrefour store in France and took all the product they believed was Israeli or might be Israeli and removed it from the shelves. This included much fresh produce plus floral bouquets and other items.

Obviously people are free to purchase what they choose and to peaceably attempt to persuade others. Removing all the product from a store, often destroying it, however, deprives others of choice and is both thuggish and illegal. That there were no policemen means either the French police wouldn’t come or Carrefour was afraid to call them.

The real danger is intimidation. How many times does something like this have to happen before Carrefour decides it is not worth the trouble to carry Israeli goods?

Yet if our society surrenders to thugs, what can our future possibly hold?

The video is in French, but you won’t need a translation to understand what is going on:

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