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Allan Corrin Known For His Creativity

Allan Corrin passed away earlier this month at the age of 80. Where so many others looked and saw commodities, he saw ways to differentiate and then use that differentiation to build demand.

We asked Steven Kenfield, President of Nogales, Arizona-based SunFed, who worked with Allan for many years, to share a few words with us:

Allan was well known for his creativity and the ability to bring this to the marketplace. The ruby seedless grape variety, the Lunch Bunch grapes for foodservice and taking the zante currents to the fresh market as Black Corinth are well known.

Allan’s true gift was his care and generosity for people. Allan cared for people in a unique way. Allan and his wife Charlene treated the people he worked with like family, helping young people plan for the future, helping out families in need, keeping promises.

He gave back to the community at the local college level to assist bright young people enter our industry. He always had a smile in his voice and was a kid at heart. He will be remembered for his innovation, and he will be missed for his passion and compassion.

We extend condolences to Allan’s family and friends. The loss of such an innovator is a loss for us all.

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