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A Video For Businesspeople…
And Husbands Too

What is surely the most important business video of the year has been getting millions of views on the Internet. It’s the video of Susan Boyle, a 47-year-old unemployed Scottish woman who says she has never been kissed. She doesn’t look or dress like a diva, and when she appeared on “Britain’s Got Talent 2009” — an American Idol-like show from the UK — it was clear that the audience and the judges were expecting an embarrassing performance.

When she said she hoped to be a professional singer, like Elaine Paige, an English singer and actress known for her work in musical theatre, many visibly rolled their eyes. Then she began to sing.

If you haven’t seen it, you should watch the video and listen to it both because it does the heart good to remember that there is unrecognized potential in people and because there is joy in seeing a person’s dream come true. Watch it enough and you will smile, maybe cry and certainly will gloriously celebrate the triumph of a person who has refused to give up her dreams to the petty discrimination of living up to low expectations.

It is the greatest business video of the year because it reminds us how easily we fall in the habit of judging things based on superficial attributes. Think how many opportunities have passed your desk and you never saw them, never heard them, because like Susan Boyle’s voice, it was wrapped in humble packaging.

We also have a confession to make: We almost didn’t watch the video. So busy with “important things,” who has time to worry about trivialities like TV talent shows? It was Mrs. Pundit, always scanning the world for things of interest, who both passed it on and insisted we watch it.

A long time ago, this Pundit fell in love with a woman with her own interests and we appreciated — and still appreciate — her for delving into popular culture and areas the Pundit neglected. Today we almost disregarded her opinion as we ran to do “vital things.” Yet this column and this life would be impoverished indeed without the richness of her independent voice.

Just as one can be blinded in business, one can be blinded in one’s personal life. Thought we would mention it in case we’re not the only husband who has ever taken his wife for granted.

Watch the video here:

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