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December 27, 2006

WIC Juggling Act

There is nothing more painful in politics than a zero-sum game. The perishable food industry finds itself creating crossfire over the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program

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Presenting “Pundit Classics”

Between Christmas and New Year’s, we are presenting “Pundit Classics,” pieces that ran previously that deserve a second look. Today we are reviewing some of

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Reducing Labor With Technology

Here at the Pundit, we’ve dealt several times with the issue of immigration reform, including here and here. The Pundit also made some specific suggestions

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Straight Talk On Immigration

First we welcomed the new United Fresh Produce Association here. Then we discussed the challenges related to conducting government relations for an association that is

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Doubtful Immigration Policy

Immigration is a crucial issue to business in general and the food industry in particular. The big growth in foodservice probably wouldn’t be possible without

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